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Friday, June 5, 2015

Curvy Cutie of the Week "Priscilla Nichols"

Tell me a little about yourself....Who is Priscilla Nichols?

 I was raised in Mt. Pleasant, Texas and I have a big personality! I am very outspoken sometimes a little to much. I am honest, loyal, and very ambitious.  I am singer/actress/model/motivational speaker/bartender/ I am a Co-Host for Simply Raw Radio @ThaAfterParty/ I am apart of Vanity Curves Boutand I hold the title Ms. Dallas Plus America and 1st runner up for Ms.Texas Plus America.      

What made you want to join the Pageantry? 

 I joined beacuse I was that little chubby girl that watched Miss USA, Miss America, Miss Universe and thought, "Wow I would love to do that!", but got discouraged because I did not look like them so I just knew that it was not going to be possible, until I started meeting women of quantity(plus and full size) we became friends and they were in pageants winning crowns and titles. That just blew my mind, a pageant for plus size women? I figured why not here is an opportunity for me to show myself and others that yes I can do it. Also, with the help of Andrea Sledge and Emily Blue that started years ago working on me to get into pagenatry. Pageantry also helps open doors for you and meet people that you may not have ever met any other way so you can have people invest into you and your platform which mine is Bridging the Gaps. You get to really express yourself and your passions and Nanette Watts, James Polk, and Kristen Mushatt would not take no for answer LOL.

 How was it competing? 

Please share your experience. Competing was very stressful, hard work and fun at the same time. I say stressful because the competing starts on day 1 the day you sign up you start studying for interviews meaning knowing your politics and your platform. Your competing against alot of beautiful intelligent accomplished women that enter so you always want to be the best just like any other competition, best dress, best pant wear, oh my the interviewing part that alone is stressful. But it was so fun because I met so many awesome women with such great confidence and love I gained a sisterhood.

What's up next for you? 

I will continue to work on my platform Bridging the Gaps (Helping young women and women build confidence in the industry and turning no's into yes) as Ms. Dallas Plus America. I am working on my album and I will be starting voice over clases to futher my acting career.

Where can the readers Follow you? 

You can find me on facebook:Priscilla Nichols and Priscilla Nichols/PCN Entertainment 

To keep up with me with music and acting:

 Instagram: PrettyPrie35. 

Reverbnation: Priscilla Nichols

 For booking: nichols.priscilla@gmail.com or pcn.entertainment@gmail.com

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