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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Curvy Cutie "Sheena Williams"

Sheena, an only child with a vivid imagination was born and raised in her home town of Des Moines, Iowa. Currently residing in Kansas City, Missouri, the mother of 3 is very passionate about what she does with a knack for being deeply and intensely expressive. The poetic expression will transport your thoughts into another place. While Sheena has a realistic yet dreamy  & positive outlook on life with her spirit full of compassion; Writing this collection allowed the use of personal observations as well as her own life experiences that she has overcome. Thus allowing her to share with the world deep feelings of genuine, natural emotions and triumphs that are sometimes taken for granted but help form our life lessons. Sheena's writings are a prime example of when raw passion meets reality and can also be looked at as both day to day and a lifelong emotional journey.

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